Safe Visitation Update

We truly thank you for your patience and understanding throughout these unprecedented times, it has made all the difference to us as we persevere through this pandemic. As we now face the second national lockdown, we appreciate that many of you will be concerned about when you will be able to spend time with your loved ones again, so we wanted to use this opportunity to assure you that we are constantly working to create a fine balance between keeping our residents and staff members safe from the threat of the virus, as well as managing the very real threat presented by loneliness.

It is for this reason that early on in this pandemic we created a phased, highly agile and fluid approach to visitation, to enable you to see your loved ones in the safest possible way, while carefully assessing and managing external risk factors appropriately. The decision-makers in our homes meet first thing, every week to review and analyse the infection rate data within the communities where our homes are based, and use this information along with the news agenda to assess and inform the level of risk posed to our residents and staff members, and adjust our visitation level in accordance.

As you know, our dynamic visitation approach includes a spectrum of phases, offering access to video calls, window visits, drive-by, garden visits and in-home visits behind protective screens that keep family members, and all those who live and work in our homes, safe. Over the past few months, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback to this approach, which has enabled residents to interact with their loved ones in a safe but meaningful way when possible. We are encouraged to see that the Government’s recently announced approach to care home visitation align with the proactive procedures we have been carrying out since the first wave of the virus, and we continue to look ahead for any potential risks and opportunities so that we can stay one step ahead at all times.

While we are currently only enabling video call visitation at this time due to the high infection rates across our local communities and the wider country, it is our absolute hope that we will soon be in a position to help reunite family members with loved ones, as soon as is safe and possible. For more information on safe visiting please visit