Safe Visiting Update

We are incredibly grateful for the love and support we have received from relatives during these difficult times. The wellbeing of our residents remains our top priority and that is why we have been carefully planning for the phased implementation of “safe visiting” measures, which have included drive-by and garden visits.

For this reason, some of our safety measures are beyond the government guidance and are being delivered in a measured way to keep our residents as safe from the devastating risks of Coronavirus as possible. This is especially vital as we face a potential second wave.

To avoid the consequences of lifting restrictions too quickly, we ask that our safety measures are adhered to at all times. These include:

• Visitors being completely free of Covid-19 symptoms;

• Booking an appointment ahead of time and keeping to the given slot;

• A maximum of 1 visitor at a time (the nominated visitor from each household cannot change from week to week);

• Temperature checks taking place on arrival;

• The wearing of one’s own mask;

• Hand hygiene;

• Staying on site for no longer than 15 minutes;

• No children under 13 on the premises; and

• No touching or direct passing of gifts.

Thank you for your understanding and help during these difficult times.