The last few weeks have been undoubtedly challenging, and we sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding as we do everything possible to rid our home of this virus. However, thanks to your support and the unfaltering efforts of our staff, it is with some relief that we share that the unit of residents where the virus was first identified has completed its 14-day isolation period. This means that it has been two weeks since any resident in the unit last tested positive or displayed symptoms, and while they no longer need to isolate they will of course continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines and regular handwashing. We hope that this news brings some comfort to family members.

We can also share that a group of our staff members who were isolating as a result of either positive test results, or as a track and trace preventative measure, have also completed their 14-day isolation period and will return back to the Home to work this evening. Once again, we thank our dedicated team for their resilience, hard work and selflessness throughout this period, as many staff picked up additional shifts and even temporarily moved into the home to ensure residents continued to be provided with the best care possible.

We will continue to keep you updated and encourage you to make use of our video call facilities to speak to your loved ones. As always, we are available on 01698 539440 should you have any questions or concerns.