As you know, for the past few weeks our Home has been fighting the presence of the virus, and our team has been doing the absolute utmost to contain and stamp out its threat as quickly as we can. While we have put in place every precaution and observed all protocols necessary to mitigate the spread as much as possible, we are deeply saddened to share that some of our residents have passed away. To honour their memories, on St Andrew’s Day, Monday 30th November at 7.30PM we have arranged a short commemoration service. This will include the observance of a minute’s silence and a piper who will play from outside of the Home, walking past all units’ windows, to ensure staff and residents are given the chance to pay their respects while social distancing is maintained.

Our sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of all those who have passed away as a result of this unpredictable and awful disease, in our own Home and all over the world. We are able to share images and videos from the memorial with those who would like to see them.